Commercial Photo Gallery

Water in Assisted Living

A local assisted living facility had a water loss, unfortunately causing residents to move out of their homes. In this situation, its extremely important for our crews to work efficiently to keep costs lost, and to get the residents back into their homes as soon as possible. Our crews worked day and night to get the facility back to normal. 

Warehouse During Mitigation

This local business unfortunately had flooding in their warehouse. SERVPRO of Brighton/Howell was able to come into the water loss, remove the sitting water and take care of the drying process. 

Water in Commercial Storage

Every business need a space to store their items. Unfortunately this owner had a water loss in this space. Luckily SERVPRO of Brighton/Howell was able to save everything in the storage space! 

Water Loss

This commercial property owner experienced a terrible water loss. The owner of this property called SERVPRO Brighton/Howell in for help. We were able to bring the space back to its dry, safe condition. The owner was very pleased with the work! 

Water Loss

This photo is from a local ice rink, which called SERVPRO for assistance for this water loss. SERVPRO of Brighton/ Howell was able to come in and help remove water and take care of the proper drying process!  

Ceiling Repair

This business had a leak in their ceiling causing major damage through the property. SERVPRO of Brighton/Howell was there to clean the mess, and repair the damaged ceiling. They were able to re-open just a few days later.