What our Customers say...


Really appreciated the communication, promptness, and professionalism demonstrated by the SERVPRO personnel

Can't improve upon perfection. Highly professional crew, friendly, loved our dog, and very respectful to our home.

The staff was great. I enjoyed being around them. They made the mess a little better to deal with. 

I am writing to let you know how deeply grateful I am for the excellence of service provided by your lead technician, Josh Draper.  He (assisted ably and well by Brandon and the rest of the crew) has been absolutely superb in providing caring and competent and sustained attention to my basement issues.  Hopefully, my basement will never flood again.  If it does, I would never use anyone but you to solve the problem.  I suggest you do whatever it takes to keep Josh on your team.

We were totally satisfied. Always kept us informed on arrival time and worked around our schedule. Paul & Tim were amazing. I have never had anyone work for me that worked harder than Tim - he worked non stop. Paul was a great leader. They all went over and above to please us. 

Excellent experience! My family woke up Christmas morning, to a basement flooded with water. My husband and I were SO hesitant to call since it was a holiday, but we truly didn't know what to do. We called SERVPRO to have the owner answer the call. Chris and Rob came out to my home and started the dry out process. We were shocked and so thankful. Great family, great service and I truly cant thank them enough! 

My home had a small kitchen fire. My wife was boiling hot dogs for the kids, and we suddenly had an emergency and had to run out the door- forgetting about the hot dogs and boiling water. Luckily we came home to a home, but there was major smoke damage. We called SERVPRO Brighton/Howell and they were out first thing the next morning working on our home. I can say, I didn't think we would ever get the smell of smoke out, but SERVPRO was able to. Thank you for your time, and patience. I hope we never experience this again, but if we do, we know who to call. 

My wife and I just bought our home in July 2018, we experienced our first water loss ever in January 2019. Our washing machine malfunctioned causing a flood in our laundry room, which then went into the kitchen, the half bath, and down into the basement. All flooring had to go, bathroom gutted, laundry room gutted, and basement down to cement. It was a horrible experience but we cant say enough good things about SERVPRO, and their staff. Carolyn and Chad handled everything in the office, and were always available for questions and there was a clear line of communication. Paul handled our demo work, he was clean, and was kind to my wife as she was emotional about everything. Alex worked as our project manager and went above and beyond during construction. 2 months after everything is complete and we could not be happier. We would HIGHLY suggest using SERVPRO of Brighton/Howell if you ever find yourself with a water loss. 

Courteous and prompt. I especially appreciated daily check-ins. 

Great workers, excellent work, information and experience! 

Very nice guys to work with! 

Ryan and his crews were flexible and a pleasure to deal with! 

The crews were very polite and even to our grand kids! 

"Excellent, courteous and professional!" 

This was my fist time using SERVPRO and I would recommend them to everyone. We have a tree fall on our gutters, and they were able to remove the tree, and repair all damages to my home. It looks better than it does prior to the tree falling. 

During a heavy rain storm, my sump pump failed. Causing a flooded basement. SERVPRO was a pleasure to work with. The crews were to my house within an hour. They were prompt, professional and fast. 

I had the SERVPRO crews come out to my home to investigate a mold problem I had. I never give all 10 ratings but these guys took excellent care of me and my home. 

Just wanted to let you know, I received a raving review for Bill and Mike for a claim we have. The customer spoke to them as if they were his friends. Your guys were able to offer the insured trust and comfort while maintaining their professionalism. The insured was quite upset at the beginning of the claim due to the circumstances and it being a holiday weekend. I did not help the situation by pretty much forcing him to let SERVPRO in the home that Friday. I believe the turnaround in his attitude is due solely to Bill and Mike. While it was my first time meeting Mike, I have been impressed by Bill quite a few times. I am always happy when he is on my claims.

Our home was affected by a small kitchen fire, although the fire was small, we still had a significant amount of damage. Matt the mitigation specialist was awesome to work with. Keeping me informed the entire process. Dan and Paul also we a pleasure to work with.  

My name is Hanna, I recently had a large home fire on August 1, 2017. Two of your employees Wanda and Kelly were sent to my home to help go through my items and distinguish what items could be salvaged from what items cannot be salvaged.
During such a stressful time in my life I would like to acknowledge these women for their kindness their professionalism and they're caring nature. They treated my home as if it were their own, they went above and beyond to take into consideration things that may be valuable to me and put them to the side even though that was not part of their job.
Items like pictures, children's work, books and even loose changed where placed in a box for me to go through and see if I would like to take any of those items.
They are absolutely the most amazing two people I have come across during this experience and I honestly cannot say enough about how wonderful your employees are. In a world where things are very negative and people are sometimes not so nice I applaud you on being able to choose and hire these wonderful women and I hope that you keep them around and give them the acknowledgement that they deserve because they are The perfect representation of what you would like for your company to stand for.

The SERVPRO crews helped prepare for our store opening. They came in wearing booties, worked around the construction team and were fast. I will be using them again. 

Our church recently had a water loss.  We called SERVPRO at 10:30 at night and within an hour we had their crews working to remove all water and start the drying process. Dan and Chad were a pleasure to work with! 

SERVPRO came in and handled our carpets. There was cleaning and some replacing. They were professional, fast, and did a great job. 

Excellent experience with SERVPRO. Kelly and Wanda were so detail oriented and did a fantastic job! 

Thank you to Chris, and the SERVPRO crews! These guys were so easy to work with! Highly Recommend! 

A small flood almost closed my restaurant down during our busiest season. SERVPRO came in and restored the flooring within 48 hours. THANK YOU! 

Great service! Quick, clean and professional as always. This is my second time calling SERVPRO and I couldn't be happier. 

We had shingles torn off our roof after the horrible wind storm. SERVPRO was able to repair our roof, preventing future problems. Thank you Craig for all of your help and great service! 

I cant say enough good things about our experience with SERVPRO Brighton/Howell. We had sump pump failure after a heavy rain storm, and the crews were fast, clean and kind during this stressful time. Thank you so much for help! 

We experienced a tree branch falling on our roof during the March 8th wind storm. SERVPRO was there within hours, to start clean up. I couldn't be more thankful for Josh and his team! He was great to work with. 

The SERVPRO Brighton/Howell crew were excellent to work with. They were polite and always professional. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a restoration company. 

They explained what, when, and how everything was going to go the whole time. They were amazing! They made our home livable with the tragedy we suffered.

The team is VERY polite & professional. Very good help at a time in distress.

The team who came out was great & kept me up to date with what was going on. They helped me find the plumber and techs that I needed.

The team worked very effectively to prep the house for the "dry-out" process - - knew what & how to do it!

These guys were great!!

Good Work Thanks!

No improvements to be recommended at this time. My expectations for service were exceeded.

Keep your excellence going!!!! Ian and Josh were very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful in the restoration on my home.

They were all very nice, loved having them here. Very respectful.

I was impressed with their promptness which was especially helpful during the holiday season. Everyone was very professional and understanding.

The service people that were in my home were very helpful.

They were extremely professional, honest, hard working and respectful.

Kevin, James, Ryan and Ian have done a great job with everything! Guys are so wonderful and friendly! Set-up and clean-up was great!!

Very professional, prompt, curteous, excellent service.

Friendly, hard working, knowledgeable, overall great crew!

They did a great job at our house and kept it clean.

Ian was great! He addressed any concerns and service was impeccable.

Very professional! Ryan helped every step of the way.

Nothing to recommend - they are amazing!!

Our insurance company contacted our local SERVPRO and (another restoration company) franchises. They said it would be up to 2 days to show up. I called the insurance back and this franchise was here in under 2 hours!

The guys worked hard to clean-up our problem!

FANTASTIC!!! Customer service.

Excellent service, very informative, very polite!

They were "Spot on", excellent customer service.

Can't think of a thing to do better - they were great

Devin and Kevin were awesome, super friendly and professional! Josh was great too... my cats loved him.

My experience with Wanda and Josh along with Chris, was professional, efficient and a joy.

So far I have been pleased with every group of SERVPRO employees I have met. Great job everyone!!

The Ladies were lovely. Thanks!!

Very professional, knowledgeable and genuinely kind. Thank you!

The service was good. Devin and Kevin were wonderful people on the job. Explained if needed. They were polite and courteous at all times. I will recommend them to anyone!

Great Job!!! The only recommendations to help SERVPRO improve is if the crew could provide winning lottery numbers.

No recommendations, everything was terrific. Thank you!!

On site personnel were extremely courteous and careful with everything.

No suggestions - very good. Very helpful with full explanations and patient with our questions.

No recommendations - they were knowledgeable and professional.

I was totally impressed with the service and the staff. Professionalism at its best!! Kudos!

Great Service!!

I attended the LCAR event and found that the realtors were very interested in all the services the SERVPRO has to offer.

Great service from crew - friendly folks!!

Was very happy with the service and professional manner of workers.

The people skills of each person who helped me were most impressive, especially Matt who came daily to quickly solve the problem and get the machines out.

My house is so clean! Thank you!!

Service was fantastic. Wanda and Joetta were wonderful to work with!.

No Changes!  Bill and team were very knowledgeable, great leadership and excellent customer service!

Not any recommendations - excellent service.  Very friendly and very thorough!

Very friendly and thorough.

Nice guys!!!

Awesome!!  Very friendly!!

Very kind, helpful, went above and beyond!

Very friendly, courteous and prompt.

Ryan was great, very nice to work with!!!

Thank you so much!

Thanks, your staff was outstanding!

They were both fantastic!  Did a fabulous job, very nice, professional, courteous, always here when they said, always cleaned up after themselves.  Would for sure recommend to anybody!

They couldn't have done a better job.

Matt and Wanda were just wonderful.  they did so much to ease our stress.  Matt and Wanda were so caring and compassionate to our needs.  Thank you so very much.

Everything was great!

Dan, Kevin and Josh did a great job!

Great Team!

I have used SERVPRO in the past and I expected great service and I got it!