Photo Gallery

Sewage Back-Up

A sewage back-up if an awful experience for a home owner. Its important to hire the experts for a clean up for this! Our crews are all trained, and are IICRC certified to crew up a mess like this. 

After the Mitigation

Here at SERVPRO Brighton/Howell, our team can do it all! We can handle the dry out of a home, removal and clean up of sewage and waste, clean outs from hoarders, even clean ups from a fire. In the photo you can see that this was once a bathroom, specifically a bathroom that had a horrible sewage back up. Our team was able to come in, clean out, and prepare the bathroom for remodel. 

Our offices also have an amazing construction team that can handle the rebuild of your job! From dry wall removal and replacement, flooring, painting...everything you need from SERVPRO Brighton/Howell! 

Water Damage

This Livingston County home suffered from a water loss on the second floor bathroom. The bathtub was started, the homeowner had to run out of the house for an emergency forgetting the tub was running. When they came home the ceiling had fallen, and water was running down the walls. If you look closely at the photo you can see the water on the walls. Our crews were able to get to the home to start the dry out and clean up, prior to mold developing. Water coming from above can cause a lot of damage. Let SERVPRO of Brighton/Howell help you! 

Water in the Kitchen

When people hear "water" damage, they often think of the basement. Well, another common spot is the kitchen. Pipes bursting, or an appliance breaking such as the dishwasher or ice machine supply line are very common for our office. A water loss in the kitchen, can truly be a hassle for the homeowner since this is a common place for the family to congregate.  Let SERVPRO of Brighton/Howell be your first call if you find yourself in this situation. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to start working on your home in a timely manner! 

When You Find Water in the Home

This damage was caused by a power outage. When the power went out, so did the furnace and pipes froze and broke and without power the sump pump did not work causing the basement to flood. SERVPRO Brighton/Howell was able to set up generators for temporary power and were able to pump the water out and dry the structure, making the owners family very happy.


SERVPRO Brighton/Howell takes pride in being one of Livingston County's top Restoration Companies. Our crews work very hard to properly restore a home after disaster! We use top equipment, products and all staff have been IICRC certified. Choose SERVPRO today! 

Tree Falling During Storm

To prepare for Michigan storms its important to make sure all dead limbs are cut down, especially those surrounding the home, and vehicles. This photo shows a flyer fallen on a customers home. 

Sump Pump Failure

Storms can lead to power outages, and sump pump failure. This means water in the home, damage and flooding. This homeowner experienced water damage in the basement after a heavy summer storm. 

Fire on Carpet

We all love to burn candles in the home, especially around the holiday seasons. Unfortunately it can be very dangerous if you forget to blow the candle out or if it falls. This photo shows a carpet that caught on fire by a candle. 

Garage Fire

Garage fires are very common, one of the most common calls we receive. This is because there are so many flammable items in the garage. There are also many appliances charged into the walls. 

Mold in the Home

If you find mold in the home its important to properly handle the remediation process. Bleach alone cannot take care of mold. Its important to use the correct products, to kill and stop the growth of future mold. Let the trained and certified technicians of SERVPRO Brighton/Howell help you! 

Mold in Attic

Mold found in the home is not uncommon. Many of us are currently living in a home with mold, but we might never know. Its important to call your local SERVPRO if you start to smell a musty odor, or find a leaking pipe with signs of mold. Let us help you with the remediation process. 

Water Loss

Water losses happen all the time. There can be many different causes, such as a broken pipe, sump pump failure, or flooding. Whatever the circumstance, let SERVPRO of Brighton/Howell help you! Our crews have the IICRC knowledge and the best equipment in the industry to take care of our customers! 

Water in Assisted Living

A local assisted living facility had a water loss, unfortunately causing residents to move out of their homes. In this situation, its extremely important for our crews to work efficiently to keep costs lost, and to get the residents back into their homes as soon as possible. Our crews worked day and night to get the facility back to normal. 

Floating Carpet

Here is a picture of a home that had a water loss. The water covered their carpeting, which meant we need to dry the carpet out. In this case we used a technique called floating the carpet. 

Warehouse During Mitigation

This local business unfortunately had flooding in their warehouse. SERVPRO of Brighton/Howell was able to come into the water loss, remove the sitting water and take care of the drying process. 

Storm Damage Outside

Strong winds can do a lot of damage to a home. Its important to have the right team take care of the clean up process. SERVPRO of Brighton/Howell is always available to help the community after any storm! 

Tree Falling on Home

This homeowner came home after a strong storm to find that a tree went through their home. Everyone was safe, but the home required heavy clean up after the storm, including the chopping and removal of this tree. 

Water in Commercial Storage

Every business need a space to store their items. Unfortunately this owner had a water loss in this space. Luckily SERVPRO of Brighton/Howell was able to save everything in the storage space! 

Water Loss

This commercial property owner experienced a terrible water loss. The owner of this property called SERVPRO Brighton/Howell in for help. We were able to bring the space back to its dry, safe condition. The owner was very pleased with the work! 

Water Loss

This photo is from a local ice rink, which called SERVPRO for assistance for this water loss. SERVPRO of Brighton/ Howell was able to come in and help remove water and take care of the proper drying process!  

Ceiling Repair

This business had a leak in their ceiling causing major damage through the property. SERVPRO of Brighton/Howell was there to clean the mess, and repair the damaged ceiling. They were able to re-open just a few days later. 


This home has experienced a flood from a summer storm. The water from the yard has collected, and need to be removed before causing any additional damage. SERVPRO Brighton/Howell was there to help! 

Water Removal

Unfortunately, this customer came home to find water creeping up their stairs. SERVPRO of Brighton/Howell was able to get to the scene to start the water removal process immediately. 

Sump Pump Failure in Livingston County

Water loss can happen to anyone, at any time. This local homeowner came home to a basement filled with water after a sump pump failure. The homeowner couldn't believe how quickly SERVPRO was there to remove all water, and to start the remediation process. 

Mold Damage

SERVPRO of Brighton/Howell has the top equipment and trained crews for mold remediation. Let us help you restore your home, "Like it never even happened." Call us at 810-220-3711

Mold Damage

This photo depicts mold damage. Mold can be very dangerous to home owners, causing many health concerns. It is important to have the SERVPRO IICRC certified crews come in for proper removal, and cleaning. 

Restoration After a Fire

Many past customers have been shocked with the ability that our SERVPRO crews have when it comes to restoration. Let our team help evaluate, and work to bring your home back, "Let it never even happened!" 

Safety After the Fire

When a fire occurs, safety is at the up most importance for everyone. When our crews arrive on the scene they will invested the structure prior to entering the home. 

Smoke and Soot Damage

Smoke and soot can become trapped in the attics of homes, leaving the smell of fire behind. Let SERVOPRO of Brighton/Howell safely inspect your home, to find all areas effected by the smoke. 

Fire Damage

Fire damage can effect every aspect of a home. Let SERVPRO of Brighton/Howell help restore your home from the inside and out. Our team is IICRC certified and prepared to help you! 

Bat Guano Clean Up Livingston County

Here at SERVPRO of Brighton/ Howell we get called out to do several bat guano cleans each year. Bat guano is very toxic to humans and once the bats have been removed from the home, we come in and remove the affected insulation, fully HEPA vac the area and disinfect and deodorize before new insulation is installed.

Extreme Mold

This is the result of a pipe break in a summer home that went unnoticed for several weeks. Due to the increased humidity in the home, the entire home was affected with heavy mold. The homeowner was in disbelief at the amount of the damage, but were pleased that we were there to help them through this catastrophe.

Commercial Water Damage

This is what our technicians saw when they first arrived at a pipe break at a very prominent local business. We were able to get the damage cleaned up and drying equipment in place that day. The business was very pleased that we were able to respond so fast and that they were able to continue operations.

Tree on Trailer

This is the result of very high winds that caused a large tree to fall on a small mobile home. The couple who owned the home, were very worried about their belongings and what could be saved. We were able to remove and salvage most of their belongings, making the owners very happy.

Reaching out to Realtors

This is one of the many community events that SERVPRO of Brighton/ Howell and Greater Highland/ White Lake participate in. Area realtors are very interested in finding our about the services we provide and how we can help them sell a home.